About Dhyan Navjot Kaur (Suzzette Tamez-Cruz)

Mom of two. Master of Science. Veteran Yogi. Veteran Homeschool mom. Environmental Consultant.

I love learning and sharing. My teaching love has extended in the areas of Science, English, Kundalini Yoga, and Diving.

Kundalini yoga has been my source of inspiration, energy, and guidance. I love helping people feel better from the inside out.

I have been practicing kundalini yoga for 23 years and teaching it for 19 years in Mexico, Sweden, and Canada. Certified Teacher [2021ST21271468] by ROSS / KYTT / Yoga training Institute International.

As a former Biologist, deep sea invertebrates & ecology were my focus and passion. I was fortunate to be chosen for oceanographic campaigns to explore the depths of the sea in different oceanographic vessels. I had the honor to have worked with amazing people in Atlantis II (WHOI, USA) and Justo Sierra (UNAM, Mexico). Back then, Atlantis II was the home of the submersible “Alvin”, the same one that discovered the Titanic and the same one we used for our expedition!

Later in life, I went across the ocean, all the way to Lund, Sweden to obtain a master’s degree in Environmental Biotechnology. While I was there, I did a lot of cool experiments with mushrooms to decrease the cost of biogas production. Then I fell in love with a Canadian Peter Farquharson (Sanjey Dorjey), who I married and have two kids with. We share life, kids, responsibilities, and projects. Together, we created Abundanceflow. As we live the life we share, our kids became part of this project, and here we are!

About Peter Farquharson

Peter combines his diverse background in medicine and wellness and personal growth to provide unique health programs for his clients.

With a background in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture he is a graduate of Oshio College in British Columbia. Peter complemented his studies in Eastern Medicine with Western Herbal studies under Michael Moore at Southwest School of Botanical Medicine in Arizona. He has operated health clinics in Mexico (El Caracol Integrative Health Centre & Flower of Life Integrative Health Centre) offering acupuncture, herbal consultations, nutritional/wellness programs, and bio energetic healing (Jin Shin Do, Bio Magnetic Healing, Body Talk)

Other interests include sustainable living and food production through Permaculture Design. See Yax-Che-Ha Co-Op Project

Hobbies include Tai Chi and Kundalini yoga. Tai Chi instruction coming from Master Ray Sidwell (lineage of Master Henry Wang of British Columbia) and Yoga teachings coming from Dhyan Navjot Kaur, and ROSS International.

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