Permaculture & Gardening

For some people, Permaculture and Gardening may appear to be abstract in connection to health. Permaculture is a brilliant technique of designing properties to provide most of ones needs while enhancing and restoring the natural environment. Permaculture designs consider many aspects of the local land, climate, wildlife, communities and strive to help create robust local economies with strong social networks that add to local resiliency, self-sufficiency, and environmental stability.

In the Tropics a typical rural design may include food forests, aquaculture, ponds, water harvesting techniques, animal husbandry, kitchen gardens, medicinal plant areas, diverse intensive gardens or alley cropping, productive wood and fuelwood forests, tree nurseries, bioconstruction techniques for housing and the design and use of renewable energy production (solar, wind, hydrological, geothermal) for all property needs.

A Permaculture lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle. When people have access to diverse foods, clean water, local jobs and can be a part of a strong local community then they tend to prosper in a way that results in good health.

Currently we are completing the design of a small Permaculture Eco Cooperative in the tropical forests of Tulum in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. Two Hectares will be designated for a small number of families or individuals to live and be able to meet most of their food needs.  A food forest, community gardens, a tree nursey, ponds and small to medium sized Eco houses are all part of this Permaculture design. Two additional Hectares which are adjoined will kept in their natural state. Thousands of acres of pristine wilderness surround this property and are designated as part of Quintana Roo National Park.

Part of our vision includes generating income on site and online. We plan on teaching yoga classes and yoga therapy classes both in-person and online. All ages including children can practice Kundalini yoga. Wellness services such as Mayan saunas (Temazcal), massage, herbal therapy and Bio energetic Healing will be offered from our wellness centre. Other income generating businesses will come from various members.

Out of this Permaculture Design Project will emerge our Tulum Land Coop. Tulum Co-Op We can provide detailed Permaculture design upon request.

Update: We have two families who have become founding members. We are currently considering accepting a few more members to help create this oasis. Looking for people with diverse skill sets: bio construction, electrical experience, welding, carpentry, permaculture, Nursery Growing, entrepreneurship, animal husbandry, wilderness skills, culinary experience, teaching.