Free Your Future from Your Past

Kundalini Yoga offers the opportunity to help us recognize our needs and express our creativity. Through constant practice, one can feel how the connection body-mind-spirit starts regaining a place in your consciousness. Your awareness clicks with it and doesn’t stop (unless you stop practicing regularly).

We also become more able to connect deeper with one another and have more have more mental clarity. The biggest treasure to me is, to be at peace with oneself and the Universe.

Kundalini Yoga is a great gift to have access to. The tools and knowledge are always there for you, ready to be picked up when you sit on the mat determined and dedicated to your practice which gradually can become a daily habit.

In our daily lives we face predictable situations, and unpredictable situations. Some things we have learned to observe from a distance (like separating yourself from a situation) and being able to release it, to let go of the emotion that the situation released in you.

Sometimes it is harder to separate yourself from the situation. Most of the times, what we can become unable to just observe and not identify with are negative emotions.

When you are in the path of yoga and it becomes part of you and you seek to fulfill your practice regularly (at least three times per week), you discover how easy it becomes to handle yourself in different situations, scenarios, places.

It is great to feel how Kundalini Yoga practice eases the way for you!

To know that there is a way -for those looking- to live a life where you are yourself (you are who you are meant to be), you feel fulfilled, loved and you love yourself.

There are some many good things that come with the regular practice of Kundalini Yoga. Your overall health improves, your work/business, your connection to people, your energy levels, your physical body.

And that is how you can begin to build a new path for you, a new future where you free yourself from your past thoughts, actions and reactions to create a more enjoyable future.

Grab your mat and play this video to begin practicing now!


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Two methods to manage FEAR and learn from it

This first part of this blogpost, its a story told by Gurbani Guruka Singh. It is an extract from a lecture given sometime in the 80s.

Method I

“Can you talk about fear?” A student asked Gurbani Guruka Singh.

The student said: “I feel like for some reason, I’m afraid sometimes. Afraid of death, losing people, losing my house, my wife, my family. The calamities of this world and all the scary movies out there! And yet, I have read so many times that when you meditate or when you are in a meditative state, all your fear fears are expelled.

But sometimes, I don’t know how to stop being afraid. Is there something I can do to help with this?”

Gurbani Guruka SIngh: “Well, there is something very specific. Have you ever done Japji Sahib? I wonder how many people have practiced Japji Sahib?”

He continued: “Japji Sahib, has the power to help you overcome fear. The beautiful rhythm of Japji Sahib (sometimes written as Llap Sahib), is a wonderful mantra.”

“Whenever you are afraid, just stop and listen to the mantra Japji Sahib while bowing”

“The mantra Japji Sahib has the most beautiful rhythm to soothe you in a practical sense. There are things you can do to overcome fear, but ultimately; fear comes from insecurity, it comes from a lack of trust.”

“When you feel that you are merged into God with each breath you take, and you feel that God lives inside of you. Realize you are part of God, and God is part of you. What is there to be afraid of?” – Gurbani Guruka SIngh said-

“Ask yourself the following questions in every situation where fear is involved:

  • What can I learn from this fear? Is there something for me to learn?
  • What is the worst possible scenario? What could go terrible wrong if I make this decision/take action?
  • Could I possible die? Would dead be a possible consequence of my action/decision?

He continued:

“If so, then, die in every moment, die with each breath, die every night when you go to sleep, be present with death. Love death, embrace death, understand that death and birth are two sides of the same coin.

That’s part of life, you can’t have life without death, if you have a fear, a fundamental fear of something. If you are afraid something is going to hurt you, or something is going to kill you. That fear ultimately comes from a lack of trust and a lack of awareness.

Lack of awareness of what?

Trust in yourself and/or other people

Awareness of who you are”

Student said: Thank you Gurbani Guruka SIngh said-

<< end of the story >>

How to practice signing the mantra Japgji Sahib?

The practice Gurbani Guruka Singh recommends, involves listening to the mantra Japgii Sahib and singing along.

You can follow along with lyrics << >>

Sit in rock posture (kneeling with your glutes resting on your ankles. Then bow, bring your torso forward towards your knees, bring your head down until your forehead reaches the ground (if possible, if not use a pillow). When you get into that rhythm for a while, your feel your fear dissolving.

Method II

If you feel you need another method to sustain you when you are not in the mat or meditating; here is another way.

This method you practice it when you are out and about your day, living life.


Observing, taking mental notes.

When you go into the identification part of the steps, I recommend you take your time, sit down, prepare your space. Pretty much as when you are about to practice yoga.

6 Ways to overcome fear and learn from it:

  1. Be present

Easier said than done, to be awake or to become awake, you need to be present and observe your thoughts. Observe what kind of thoughts are you having when you are evaluating a decision, options, opportunities.

Maybe your fear comes up when you are considering embarking on a new business, a job opportunity, moving or purchasing a property, new relationship, a trip you are excited and afraid at the same time? Maybe it is some other type of fear that comes before a significant or important purchase? Giving birth? Becoming a mother? New pet?

  1. Identify thoughts

Whatever it is you are feeling afraid of, identify the thoughts that come when you think about it. Make a list of the thoughts that are “delivered” to you, pay attention. Be patient, it takes time and practice.

  1. Narrow it down and be specific

Pick the most important thoughts, be very clear and specific about the thoughts that you are selecting. When you are sure those thoughts you picked are the selected thoughts, go ahead and narrow it down to three thoughts.

Make it specific, not general and be truthful.


I am always late to my appointments (not specific)

I am late to my appointments 3 times out of 5 (specific)

  1. Find a way to re-write the selected thoughts in a positive manner. Example:

I am working on being early to my appointments. So, far I have managed to be early 2 times out of 5.

  1. Use your new de-bugged thought

Make the thought you just created your safe place to go, use it to replace those negative, worthless thoughts that do nothing but create fear and doubt in you.

  1. Keep being present

Identify when the same negative thoughts come back or similar ones, you are now armed with your new creation. The new creation is your de-bugged thought, use it!

Repeat it over and over for a few times and then let it go. It will be there for you whenever you need it😊