KY is a safe and very effective practice. Kundalini yoga is for everyone because it lacks extreme stretch or postures. The movements and postures are most of them simple and can be learned quickly by anybody. The emphasis of kundalini yoga is on active exercises combined into sequences. Each kriya is designed to influence the physical, psychological, emotional, mental, and spiritual areas.
We also offer classes for kids. The KY classes are a great tool that has helped an increasing number of kids overcome nervousness, anxiety and they learn to handle their emotions themselves.

The Kundalini snake is curled up at the base of the spine, at the level of the coccyx, until it is awakened.

The energy of body, mind, and soul. While the kundalini climbs up, the seven chakras will be activated. Energy centers also get activated along the spine as a link between body and mind.

The process begins with the purification of the seven chakras in the body. It helps heal the mind and the body through the chakras as well as the nadis, which are energy channels that allow energy to travel through the body.
Regular kundalini practice can support you in freedom to be yourself: a deeper connection to others, sensitivity to ourselves, mental clarity, enhanced productivity and effectiveness, creativity, bravery, and fulfillment. A KY practice also encourages deep listening and exploration of the self, which improves self-awareness and is beneficial for problem-solving and creativity. One of the immediate Kundalini awakening benefits is the feeling of being at peace with yourself and the universe
KY is also ideal for people who want to experience an immediate feel-good effect while enjoying the long-term benefits. The long-term benefits like creativity, problem solving, productivity, mental clarity, assertiveness, intuition, connection, empathy, compassion, and awareness. Plus, the most basic and fundamental of all, feel at peace with yourself and the universe.

When practicing KY with purpose and commitment, you build your nervous system so it can handle and integrate the powerful life force of energy inherent to your body. The most basic goal of physical KY is to increase flexibility of the spine, increase energy flow through it.
KY can free you from physical, mental, and emotional disorders. It also helps reduce stress. The breathing exercises and meditations help calm the body and cause positive changes in the activity of the brain waves. This helps you against the negative effects of stress.