KY helps you boost your immune system naturally; it helps you detoxify and purify your blood. When you practice KY regularly, you feel how your muscles get stronger. You feel more flexible, physically, and mentally. Your spine and core become stronger, you become more flexible. Your organs improve their function. Also, you will feel improvements in your lymphatic system, endocrine system, and metabolism.

On a practical and applied level, you will feel more ready to take on projects, to tackle your dreams, to deal with everyday life with its own set of challenges. You will feel more secure and self assured.

Repeated Kundalini practice strengthens endurance and perseverance, strengthens muscles by increasing elasticity and blood flow to the muscles. It strengthens the spine, as well as organ function including the lymphatic system. Your mind and sense of value and worth is strengthened. Your body, your muscles will get toned as well as your nervous system will become stronger and connected.

Yes, I would like to start practicing today!

Whether it be for improving your physical health, mental health or if you are dealing with manifestations of dis-ease, you have come to the right place. Kundalini yoga (KY) is one of the oldest lineages of yoga on the planet and it is through such a rich tradition that we draw upon to offer both general yoga classes of all levels, and special yogic mentor sessions which are designed to treat your health conditions and bring you back to health and wellness.

The process begins with the purification of the seven chakras in the body. It helps heal the mind and the body through the chakras as well as the nadis, which are energy channels that allow energy to travel through the body.

Regular kundalini practice can support you in freedom to be yourself: a deeper connection to others, sensitivity to ourselves, mental clarity, enhanced productivity and effectiveness, creativity, bravery, and fulfillment. A KY practice also encourages deep listening and exploration of the self, which improves self-awareness and is beneficial for problem-solving and creativity. One of the immediate Kundalini awakening benefits is the feeling of being at peace with yourself and the universe

KY is also ideal for people who want to experience an immediate feel-good effect while enjoying the long-term benefits. The long-term benefits like creativity, problem solving, productivity, mental clarity, assertiveness, intuition, connection, empathy, compassion, and awareness. Plus, the most basic and fundamental of all, feel at peace with yourself and the universe.