Eco Community Tulum : “Yax Che Ha”

In a quiet well forested area of Tulum, near the famous Azulik Hotel/Gallery, we have the beginnings of a small Eco development. The 4-hectare property has been designed using permaculture principles. There will be a diversity of perennial trees and shrubs planted which will provide a variety of unique forest products. The site will include nature trails to enjoy the large numbers of birds and small mammals which inhabit the area.

Three 1000 m/2 lots will be made available for those who might enjoy living in the peaceful oasis of tropical forest in Tulum. Rather than go through the very difficult process of purchasing land and building a house or cabana, you can enter a unique long-term lease agreement which allows you to make money on your unit without a going through a difficult process. There is a property management team in place who will manage your property, so you can have peace of mind, and you may choose to rent your house when your away. The projected ROI would be very positive.

After the long-term lease agreement has expired you have the option to renew the agreement.
Please inquire for terms and conditions.