Do you feel you have lost the magic ingredient of life?

Some people might call it  Motto. Basically is something linked with excitement, with motivation, with having goals and dreams.

Many people around the world have lost this magical ingredient. It is something that can happen to anyone and you won’t notice it until you feel depressed.

When you have something to look for, something to look forward to, we feel that we have a sense of purpose. This, together with feeling secure, feeling loved and happy are the basic ingredients for an individual to love life and achieve personal goals.

One of the things that perhaps most of us do, is to be attached to end the result, to the expectation of how something will be. This is something that makes us live in the future, not in the present. We seem incapable to do something and enjoy while we are doing it, we are most of the times just imagining how it will be when it’s finished. Most of the times, what this brings is dissatisfaction and frustration.

One way to balance things out is to be grateful for the things that we have, the things that we do, the little things that make you happy, be thankful for them. Make a list of all the good things that have happened to you, the things that we are grateful for along your life.

A second step into finding your motivation or purpose is to work your body and mind, kundalini yoga is an excellent source to deep dive into your inner self and discover through your new developed intuition and connection to your purpose in life.