Some chakras play a more important role for us than others. For a singer or a teacher, the fifth chakra (located in the throat) is the most developed. A soccer player makes use of the first chakra which is body oriented. Each chakra can be strengthened, we will cover that in our following posts.

The First Chakra:

The first chakra is also known as the root chakra. In Sanskrit Muladhara, mula (root) and ahrara (support or base).  The development of this chakra begins when we are conceived; meaning it’s the first part of the body that develops in humans (and mammals).  Because of this, it provides a supportive foundation for the spine and other organs to develop.

Do you feel like your family and friends have abandoned you?

Do you feel you can trust only yourself?

Do you feel like you lack support?

Do you feel like your basic survival needs are not covered or are insufficient?

If your answer is yes to one or most of these questions, it indicates your root chakra is not spinning at a balanced rate.

What is the first chakra connected to?

The first chakra is connected to the adrenal glands, the area around the coccyx, the rectum, and genitalia.

Where is the root chakra located?

It is located near the 1st and 3rd vertebrae of the spine, in the perineum. Exactly where the three vertebrae fuse in a triangle, we know it as the tailbone. In males this chakra is in the area above the perineum or inside it, whereas in females, the location is the center of the vagina and anus. See number 1 (image below).

What color is the root chakra?

Muladhara radiates energy in red color. This is perhaps due its location, close to the earth element. The red color shows a reflection of the earth inner surface and core. Also, red is the color of energy and determination that stimulates the limbic brain which governs our survival instincts: flight or fight response, feeding, reproduction.

The red color also denotes how connected we are to the Earth. This means, how aware are we of ourselves. The more aware of yourself you are, the more aware you become of your basic needs.

What does the root chakra symbol communicate?

The four petals of the Lotus circle signify the four nerves (Nadis) merging at the root chakra.

The square inscribed inside of the circle signify a firm foundation to support the body.

The downward triangle points towards the earth and it is the home of the Kundalini energy. It also reminds us to be grounded and connected to the Earth.

The symbol in the center “Lam” is the Bija mantra. It is the seed mantra which has the power to stimulate Earth energy and the root chakra.


How do we feel when our first chakra is balanced and healthy?

If our first chakra is healthy and balanced, we feel safe and secure. A dysfunctional first chakra makes us susceptible to all sorts of problems, from money worries to a bad sexual relationship.

A strong root chakra feels like you are secure, and you are strong, no matter what’s going on in life, no matter how hard. For sure, we all get scared, afraid and feel shaken from time to time, but someone who has developed deep inner strength has found what yogis say is the ability to “Remain unshaken amidst the crash of breaking worlds.”

Also, you feel vitality and passion for life, in your personal affairs, your work, family and friends. You thrive at satisfying your survival needs, you feel connected with core values, you are balanced in logic and emotions.

What happens if your root chakra is overactive?

Although it may sound like a good thing, an overactive chakra makes you are overconfident. This could lead to disconnection from the Earth. You could become possessive and attached to things and being psychologically and physically rigid.

What could be the causes for a root chakra imbalance?

Childhood trauma, something you are afraid of, toxic relationships, abandonment, having felt or experienced poverty.

Is it possible to experience physical or psychological problems is my root chakra is imbalanced?

When your root chakra is imbalanced you might experience addictive tendencies, overindulgence, instant gratification seeking. Also, you could experience irritation, eating disorders, depression, money obsessiveness, migraines, stubborn behavior.

At a physical level, you might experience irregular menstruation, kidney diseases, pain in the feet, hemorrhoids, colitis, prostate cancer, constipation.

Because the root chakra’s location is the pelvic area, you might experience problems with adrenal glands, bladder, kidney, lower spine, hip flexors, leg joints.

The good news is that in our next post, we will be sharing how to heal our Root Chakra. Stay tuned!