There’s a way to legally set up your very own personal bank…

…That lets you deposit cash, earn interest and loan yourself money. (Yes, it can even PAY you interest to borrow money, so you never have to take out a regular bank loan again!)

…That allows you to earn money on the same dollar multiple times, just like big banks do. (Except in this case, you reap the benefits as you accelerate your own wealth creation!)

….That provides you with a return without risk of principal. (which means you won’t lose your money if the markets “crash” again, and your cash is safe from creditors, lawsuits and even an ex-spouse!)

…That allows your deposits to earn several times the interest of a typical savings/checking account, which is up to 10% in this economy.

… That requires no application or approval process to take out a loan. (Just fill out a form requesting the amount you desire)

… That provides you access to your money in the event of a disability.

And when you decide to retire, let’s you pull out 100% of your money TAX FREE.

It’s like trading quarters for 2 dollar bills (which is exactly how the big banks used the Fed Bailout money in 2008)!

And here’s the really good part:

Anyone can get into this, regardless of income level.

In fact, you can get started with as little as $100/month…

How great will that feel?

But Beware – This Was Kept Hush-hush by the Big Banks and Wall Street for a Good Reason…

Even Congress has passed bills severely limiting the advertising of this opportunity to the general public.

Jason Rink, former VP at JP Morgan Chase Bank

told reporters:
“No one is telling Americans about this [strategy]. Not banks. Not Wall Street. Not the government. In fact, the government restricts the advertising of these plans to the public.”

You won’t hear this from financial planners either because 99% of financial planners have no clue about how this works or how to set it up. Or if they do, they’re too busy selling you costly mutual funds that pay them boatloads of commissions at your expense.

Now if you’re a lot like us, you’re probably skeptical and thinking that this all seems too good to be true…

We know, because that was our initial reaction too when we first heard about this strategy!

Are You Making This
Tragic Mistake?

If you’re anything like us, you know saving money the traditional way is not an option. At least not for the likes of you who want to build serious wealth. And you can no longer afford to park your money in “safe” investments and “hope for the best”.

Before we heard about this strategy, we were just going along with advice from financial advisors (like most people).

One of us (Brian) actually had the contract in place but the financial advisor who sold him the contract had no clue how to utilize the strategy to acquire assets, accumulate cash value, build wealth, or build a substantial nest egg.

And at the time, I (Brian) didn’t know any better!

It was 4 years later when I became a member of EVG, I learned exactly how to use this powerful strategy.
I was shocked to learn I had the policy in place all along… but I had not used it.

What really crushed me was I made zero progress over 4 years.
I lost out on tens of thousands of dollars in wealth when I could have been increasing my net worth and acquiring assets.

All because I gave control to someone else.

But not anymore.

This is what inspired us to go on a mission: to make sure we get this strategy into the hands of as many people as possible. It has the power to provide true financial security and freedom to those ready to apply the knowledge.

You may already have a similar policy (or eligible to get one), but you’re unaware of how to leverage the full extent of its powers and make it work hard for you, multiple times over!

So what is this strategy?

We call it “Elevation Banking”.

Elevation Banking is a strategy that leverages permanent life insurance contracts with a cash value provision which you then use to buy into stable private investment businesses. Since most of these insurance companies have been around for over a hundred years, the reliability of this strategy is rock solid.

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