Whenever there is something inside that bothers me, I observe it, without judgement, breathing out that bad feeling that has appeared. I thank it for showing up, and then I let it go, for this, I keep breathing and visualizing how it leaves my brain, mind and consciousness. At the same time, I insert a simple yet powerful affirmation. Something like this:

Divine One (God), heal those painful memories and wrong ideas that are promoting this fear, this pain, this bad feeling. 

I am sorry, 

Forgive me, 

Thank you, 

I love you.

The last four phrases belong to a technique called Ho’oponopono. It needs to be understood that you the words are directed to your Subconscious, not to a specific person. Your Subconscious has absorbed thousands of memories from all times. This is what we are cleaning through this work.

There is quite a lot of information online about this Self-Healing Technique, most of it though it´s in Spanish.